Richard Giorla


After bringing his talent from New York City to Los Angeles, from the big screen to the small screen and even to the stage, dancer/CHOREOGRAPHER Richard Giorla, has used his over 30 years of experience and classical training to create CARDIO BARRE®.

It all began when Richard suffered a crushing hip injury, which ended his dance career. Giorla wanted to keep moving at a pace that made sense for his body, yet no exercise routine met his needs.

Giorla saw the need for a high-energy workout, offering cardio yet without the impact on the body, offering a much safer workout. Giorla used his passion for dance and fitness to design a workout that combined the two and created what is today, CARDIO BARRE®.

Richard continues to use his motivational techniques to inspire and transform lives… He has inspired over 100,000 clients and gives clear techniques as a catalyst for change. His mission is to help others “Live a healthier and more meaningful lifestyle…”.

the classes

Cardio Barre®

Cardio Barre® is our signature class. A unique, high-energy, low-impact workout designed and taught exclusively by professional dancers. Cardio Barre® combines barre work and lightweights for a full-body lengthening and sculpting experience that will leave you feeling like a strong and beautiful ballet dancer. 

LEVEL: Beginner and Advanced

LENGTH: 60 minutes

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Barre 35

Barre 35 is an intense, shortened version of our signature Cardio Barre® class for if you are short on time or prefer a quicker burst of energy. Barre 35 is a fast-paced, full-body workout that is sure to leave you energized and feeling your best.

LEVEL: Advanced

LENGTH: 35 minutes

Floor Barre Sculpt

Floor Barre Sculpt takes your favorite Cardio Barre® moves to the ground. Based on professional ballet dancer's floor barre classes, this restorative class features an emphasis on alignment and proper technique. Class ends with an extended stretch routine making Floor Barre Sculpt the perfect addition to your workout schedule.

LEVEL: All levels

LENGTH: 50 minutes