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Cardio Barre®

Cardio barre is our signature class. A unique high- energy ,no impact
experience that combines barre work, light weights and floor work. This is a
highly effective body sculpting sensation that will lengthen, strengthen, and create a long lean physique.

LEVEL: Beginner and Advanced

LENGTH: 60 minutes


Barre 45 HIIT

The first of its kind!
Barre 45 is the perfect blend of “Barre” and “High intensity interval training.”
A full-body workout featuring bursts of movement with short periods of rest,
maximizing the benefits of Barre and HIIT. Using heavier weights, you will
get stronger and burn massive calories. It's a game changer!

LEVEL: Advanced

LENGTH: 45 minutes

First time trying Cardio Barre®?

We've got the perfect introductory class on our On-Demand platform to get you started. In our Barre Basics beginner class, the creator of Cardio Barre®, Richard Giorla, will show teach you proper technique. We offer a FREE 7-Day Trial to all new On Demand members.

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