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12530 Riverside Drive,

Valley Village, CA 91607

the classes

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Cardio Barre®

Cardio barre is our signature class. A unique high- energy, low impact
experience that combines barre work, light weights, and floor work. This is a
highly effective body sculpting sensation that will lengthen, strengthen, and create a long lean physique.

LEVEL: Beginner and Advanced

LENGTH: 60 minutes

The first of its kind!
Barre 45 is the perfect blend of Barre and High intensity interval training.
A full-body workout featuring bursts of movement with short periods of rest,
maximizing the benefits of Barre and HIIT. Using heavier weights, you will
get stronger and burn massive calories. It's a game changer!

LEVEL: Advanced

LENGTH: 45 minutes


Barre 45 HIIT

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Floor Barre Sculpt

Taking the weight-bearing moves of ballet to the floor, this class is for
dancers, athletes, the injured, elderly, and everyone desiring the alignment and strengthening health benefits of this gentle, yet highly effective technique.
Based on ballet, floor barre creates long exquisite lines.

LEVEL: All levels

LENGTH: 50 minutes

class schedule

class schedule


Please note:

  • All reservations must be canceled 12 hours prior to the start of class.

  • Late cancellations and no-shows will be charged for a single class. This applies to unlimited class memberships and all class series packages.


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