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Cardio Barre®

Cardio barre is our signature class. A unique high- energy ,no impact
experience that combines barre work, light weights and floor work. This is a
highly effective body sculpting sensation that will lengthen, strengthen, and create a long lean physique.

LEVEL: Beginner and Advanced

LENGTH: 60 minutes

The first of its kind!
Barre 45 is the perfect blend of “Barre” and “High intensity interval training.”
A full-body workout featuring bursts of movement with short periods of rest,
maximizing the benefits of Barre and HIIT. Using heavier weights, you will
get stronger and burn massive calories. It's a game changer!

LEVEL: Advanced

LENGTH: 45 minutes

Barre 45 HIIT

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Taking the weight bearing moves of ballet to the floor, this class is for
dancers, athletes, the injured, elderly, and everyone desiring the alignment and strengthening health benefits of this gentle, yet highly effective technique.
Based on ballet, floor barre creates long exquisite lines.

LEVEL: All levels

LENGTH: 50 minutes

Floor Barre Sculpt

First time trying Cardio Barre®?

We've got the perfect introductory class to get you started. In our Barre Basics beginner class, the creator of Cardio Barre®, Richard Giorla, will show teach you proper technique.

What members are saying...

 "I just started my 7-day trial and WOW! A lot of choices for classes. And I am very sore!"


- Angie 

"I have been a Cardio Barre® member for 7 years now! I miss going to classes but I'm grateful to have the On Demand platform."


- Danni

"Their workouts are seriously the best, I have been doing them since I was in high school. And their On Demand videos are saving me right now both mentally and physically!"


- Dakota


"I am doing more Cardio Barre® at home than I have ever been in my life. I LOVE IT!" 

- Michal

"15 years for me, thank you Richard, I love Cardio Barre®. It's truly a part of my lifestyle!"


- Denise

"Kicks my booty every time!"


- Assal

"Best workouts, have been doing them for years, and still makes me sweat!"

- Sara

"CB On Demand happens every day at my house as soon as I wake up! I've been doing Cardio Barre® for 19 years. Love what it does for my total being, mind, and body!"

- Helene

"Best workout for the body and mind. Thank you for my workout every day!"

- Shell

"I've been taking Cardio Barre® for 13 years! Love doing On Demand right now." 

- Roseanne


"Love every single minute of Cardio Barre®. Where would I be without you! Thank you, Richard and gals!"

- Lor

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