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Cardio Barre®

Cardio Barre® is our signature class. Combining barre work and lightweights for a full-body lengthening and sculpting experience.

LEVEL: Beginner and Advanced

LENGTH: 60 minutes

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Barre 35 HIT

For those who are short on time, or prefer a quick burst of energy, Barre 35 HIT is a High-Intensity Training full-body workout that is sure to leave you energized and feeling your best.

LEVEL: Advanced

LENGTH: 35 minutes

Floor Barre Sculpt

Floor Barre Sculpt takes your favorite Cardio Barre® moves to the ground for a restorative, sculpting, and lengthening class - making Floor Barre Sculpt the perfect addition to your workout schedule.

LEVEL: All levels

LENGTH: 60 minutes

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Hiit Training

High-Intensity Interval training features quick bursts of movement followed by a short recovery period featuring traditional strength-training movements such as lunges, squats, and arm work.

LEVEL: Advanced

LENGTH: 15 minutes

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First time trying Cardio Barre®?

We've got the perfect introductory class to get you started. In our Barre Basics beginner class, the creator of Cardio Barre®, Richard Giorla, will show teach you proper technique.

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